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Month: March 2015

How to Hire the Best Painting Contractor

Compare Three or More Contractors You can hunt down painting contractors in three ways: the grapevine, local paint stores, and Internet review sites like Angie’s List and Yelp. Compare at least three contractors. Any estimates that sound too good to be true may be illegal.   Verify License and Insurance Some states, like California, require a contractor’s READ MORE >>

The Insider’s Look at the Accent Wall

So you want an accent wall? Prepare yourself. * * *Disclaimer: Accent walls divide interior designers like Social Security divides Democrats and Republicans. This article will attempt to remain bipartisan.* * * As a rule, accent walls are done incorrectly. Many a homeowner, driven half-batty by seas of white walls, splashes the last wall with READ MORE >>

Why Pay More for High-Quality Paint?

Why pay more for high-quality paint, you ask? You purchase high-quality paint for the same reason you don’t purchase your wedding ring at some grungy swap shop. In the same way that a cheap ring doesn’t bode well for a lasting marriage, so cheap paint doesn’t bode well for a lasting finish. What Is Paint? Paint is READ MORE >>