Exterior Home Painting

Make A Solid First Impression

Your home’s exterior is its handshake and first impression.  It says something about you. On first glance, what’s yours telling friends, family and neighbors? For big jobs like this, you need more than just a guy and a truck. You need experienced experts. A close-knit team with just the right skills to get the job done on time and on-budget. And you need to be able to trust the craftsmen working in and around your home. You need Stephens Painting, the home painting experts since 1983.


We don’t want to see you every year. Why? Because when exterior painting is done right, your home can look fresh and new for years, not months. Our goal is to work ourselves out of a job by providing a long lasting and durable exterior paint job.  When we don’t hear from you (other than for referrals; we love those), it’s a win.

Get an Estimate

Need paint? Tell us a little about yourself and what your home needs and we’ll be in touch within 24 hours.