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Home painting is our business, but you come first.

There’s a lot that’s stressful about repainting your home. Choosing the colors. Disrupting your life while the work is done. But the worst part of working with a painting contractor is often trusting them: to get the details right, to choose the right products, to be in or around your home, or to simply call you back. That’s why you leave the residential painting to the experts.

Stephens Painting can help with all of it.  We bring great communication skills, professional behavior and more than thirty-five years working in and around Dallas-Fort Worth homes to the table.  We are quite confident that you will truly appreciate your entire experience with us.

You’ll find we’ve got a bit of a reputation; a great one. Want to paint something together?

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True trust is uncommon in the contracting world, and it’s something you have to experience; simply saying we operate with honesty doesn’t mean much. We can say this, however: Most of our customers come back to work with us again and again, and most of our team members have been with us for years. Anything else, you’ll just have to trust us to deliver. (We promise we will.)


From detailed estimates, crisp uniforms and buttoned-up project planning, to above and beyond communication and, of course, precision home interior and exterior painting that’s all about the details, everything we do at Stephens Painting is to the highest standard.

Proper Preparation

Paint and floor coatings are only as good as the preparation that goes into applying them. Skimp on prep, and you’re skimping on quality and longevity, and adding headaches and hassle to the work.

Customer Service

Residential painting is only partially about the paint itself. Mostly, it’s about communication, education, and collaboration between your contractor and you, the homeowner. Our goal: to make sure you’re comfortable, informed and excited about the work we’ll do, before, during and after we put down the brush.

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