What painting services do you offer?
Stephens Painting specializes in a wide range of residential painting services. Our residential painting services generally fit into two categories: interior painting and exterior painting. Within each of these categories, we offer a broad range of services including exterior home painting, brick staining and painting, trim/siding repair & replacement, interior home painting, sheet rock repair and replacement, popcorn ceiling removal, garage floor coatings, and cabinet staining/painting.

How do you create an estimate for my project?
We have an amazing sales team who will come out to your home and walk through the project with you in person to ensure that we have everything that we need to understand your needs and have the ability to provide a fast, accurate estimate to you. Our team is available throughout the whole process to support you and make sure that you stay in touch with every aspect of the project.

What type of paint do you use?
At Stephens Painting, we use use premium paints from trusted partners. If you have a preference for something else, we can absolutely acommodate your requests.

What is your warranty?
Stephens Painting, Inc. warrants the painting of interior and exterior painted surfaces for a period of three (3) years, per the specific contracted scope of work, and will repair newly painted areas if peeling, blistering, flaking, or coating separation occurs. This warranty is limited to workmanship. Both our interior and exterior paint warranties cover painting defects, but they do not cover areas of fading and/or damage due to normal wear and tear, abuse, weather, or accidental damaging occurrences.

Why should I hire a professional painter?
In short, you’ll save time, stress, and ensure the job is done right, with surfaces being properly prepped and cleaned before painting, ensuring your paint or coating is longer-lasting and requires less maintenance over time. Also, we clean up our messes, tote our own ladders, and don’t require you join us ten feet in the air.

Do you provide touch-up paint after you are finished?
Absolutely. For starters, once we’ve completed our work, we leave you all the leftover paint. The materials cost is part of your project total, so any extra is yours. We’re also happy to do touch-ups for you. If, after we’re gone, you notice small areas that need a little extra attention, give us a call and we’ll come back out and fix them up. Above all, we want you to be happy!

Are you a licensed and insured painting contractor?
Yes and no. While the state of Texas does not require licensure of painting contractors, we have been fully insured since 1983. We carry both Worker’s Comp and Liability policies above the limit required by law and are happy to provide a certificate of insurance upon request. Beyond protection however, we believe in prevention of accidents and problems above all else. That’s why crews go the extra mile and spend additional time to properly prep the areas in which we’ll work and effectively clean up before they leave.

How long does a job take?
It depends. Most residential painting can be completed in less than a week; though, we routinely have large projects that require more time. The better question to ask might be, “How will you communicate the timeline of the work?” The answer there is, there will always be a high-level Stephens representative available to you throughout your project, we tend to over-communicate if anything, and make sure to keep you up to date on timelines as well as any delays. Be wary of painting contractors that tell you they can start your job right away and have your job completed very quickly; if it sounds too good to be true, it probably is. Look for honesty and a reasonable turnaround time, or expect that the company you’re speaking with is cutting corners.

Do I need to use special paint in the bathroom and kitchen?
In areas with high amounts of water/humidity or food preparation, we use mildew-resistant paint which provides a durable, easy-to-clean finish. We also recommend using a satin or eggshell finish in these rooms. The added sheen will hold up better than a flat paint in these moisture-filled rooms and will help prevent the “drip marks” that can sometimes be seen when flat paint is used.

Can I leave my home while your painting crew works?
Yes! While you are at work, running errands or on vacation, our crew will be busy prepping and painting your home. In fact, most of our clients prefer to be away while the work is in progress. Further, Stephens Painting does not sub-contract our painters. Our crews work full-time for us and only us. We run background checks on all new employees and have a very low turnover rate. Most of our painters have worked for us for years. We know and trust them, and you can too.

Can I match my current paint color?
Absolutely! We are asked this question a lot. Many people “inherit” their home’s paint colors when they move in. Paint companies now have the technology to take a very small sample (a chip) of paint and color-match it. Paint companies can also match each other’s colors. For example, if you prefer to use Sherwin Williams paint, but you love the existing Valspar colors in your home, it’s not a problem. Sherwin Williams can match Valspar colors and vice versa.

What should I do in order to get ready for painters?
First, choose your paint colors. Mix and match sheens and manufacturers, just love what you choose. Next, prepare your home. For interior projects, please remove small decorative items and pictures from walls and secure arrangements for any animals. We cannot be responsible for keeping up with pets during the project. For exterior projects, please make sure we have access to the areas that need to be painted (trim bushes back if necessary, etc.) and remove decorative items that you do not wish to have painted (Christmas lights, wind chimes, etc.). Finally, sit back and relax. We’ll take care of the rest!

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