Choosing an Exterior Color you will LOVE!

Choosing an Exterior Color you will LOVE!

Home for the Holidays is a common refrain in songs and advertisements during the holiday season.  Our home is where we want to be, surrounded by family, cozy furnishings and a nicely appointed house.  As we approach the holidays, you might be paying extra attention to the exterior of your home in preparation for decorations, exterior illumination, carolers and holiday visitors.  Do you like what you see?  Is your exterior paint color holding up?  Does it look as fresh and lively as when you first purchased your house?  If not, maybe a change is in order to revitalize or modernize the look.

There are many factors which should be considered before choosing an exterior paint color.   You don’t want to choose a color that will clash with your roof color, landscaping, guttering or your entire neighborhood for that matter!  And you have to be careful if choosing colors based on holiday color palettes.

Taking the time to research and explore your options will definitely be time well spent. Changing your home’s color or just freshening up what is already there has the potential to improve your home’s curb appeal as well as improve how you, and your neighbors, feel about your home.  But, if done incorrectly, changing your home’s paint color can bring a host of unexpected issues from mad neighbors to home owner association push back.


Every home has its own personality and fixtures. Roof, brick, stone or siding colors need to be taken into account when choosing your new exterior color(s).  A color that complements your roof, brick, siding and other areas that are not easily changed, will create a more pleasing effect.

Have you already spent time and money making sure your landscape has good curb appeal? When coordinated correctly, your home’s paint color can form a beautiful background or a charming contrast to your immediate physical surroundings.

Is your neighborhood traditional, modern, contemporary, or does it have a style of its own? You will want to take into consideration the personality of your neighborhood when choosing a color.  If the surrounding homes are painted in neutrals, you may look a little out of place if you decide to go with fire engine red.  If you understand the personality of your neighborhood, there will be many color options to choose from that will allow you to exude your own unique personality, yet still appear as a fixture in your community.


Your home’s surroundings aren’t the only important factor in choosing your exterior color.  Your local climate should also be taken into consideration when searching for that perfect exterior color.  Colors which are a lighter shade can help keep your home cooler by reflecting more of the sun’s rays. Lighter paint colors also have the added advantage of not showing signs of fading as quickly as darker hues.

It is recommended that you take chips or samples of your favorite paint colors outside at various times during the day to see how the light affects them.  Most of the time the color looks better a shade or two darker than you might originally think.  When a large outside area is painted, colors tend to lose a bit of their intensity.

Curb Appeal

Potential buyers are initially drawn to their future home by their first impression of its exterior.  Even if you are not planning on selling anytime soon, coming home to an attractive and inviting home will lift your spirits. It will also create an atmosphere that puts guests at ease; important whether you are having potential clients over or entertaining old friends. A great number of people are drawn to classic neutrals with clean white accents, and be sure to paint the front door a warm color that is welcoming and expresses your personality!