Arbor, Fence & Deck Staining


Painting is an undoubtedly an important facet at Stephens Painting, Inc.  After all, it’s a big part of our name.  But so is Staining.  In particular, we specialize in Arbor StainingFence Staining and Deck Staining.  Some might even refer to staining as painting, so in that case, we feature Arbor Painting, Fence Painting and Deck Painting.

As a Fence Staining Company – Contractor, we pride ourselves in staining fences like we would paint a house.   We are sticklers for detail and we won’t leave any stone unturned in order to accomplish the best saturation and staining job possible.

Since we are also a Deck Staining Contractor – Company, we apply the same quality work standard to staining decks.  All decks are properly prepped, then stained to perfection.  And the staining will last longer because it will be professionally applied along with the use of high quality materials.

In addition to Arbor, Fence & Deck Staining, Stephens Painting, Inc. features Interior House PaintingDrywall – Sheetrock RepairPopcorn Ceiling RemovalGarage Floor Coatings, Stain & Refinish, Custom Ceiling and Wall Textures and Arbor, Fence & Deck Staining.

We would enjoy working with you on your Arbor, Fence & Deck Staining project.  If you have any questions, please call us at (817) 914-4936 or fill out our ESTIMATE form on this page or any of our site pages.

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