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Mike Stephens

Founder & Partner

team-mikeMike Stephens, the founder and one of the owners of Stephens Painting, Inc., was born and raised in Missouri. He bounced around a bit as a child in a few different cities in Missouri, then to Virginia and Kansas and finally moved to California. After his stint in the Marine Corps, he returned to California, married his wife, Melanie, and started Stephens Painting, Inc. He and the business only stayed in California for five years. He moved to the republic of Texas with friends and has been here ever since.

He currently resides in Arlington with his wife and one of his daughters. He has 5 children altogether and soon to be four grand-children. His love and devotion to his family takes up most of his spare time, but he does save time for home projects. We all describe Mike as a busy body. He’s always tinkering with equipment or working on some kind of project. If you ask him to describe himself, though, he’d probably just say “an all-around great guy”. When asked “Is there anything you’d like to add?”, his answer was “Go Rangers!”. Yep. He’s a Texan now!