Aluminum Metal Roof ready for Metal Roof Coatings for Metal Roof Leak Prevention

Metal Roof Coatings

Is there a metal roof on your building or facility?

Are you seeing rust and corrosion?

Are there loose fasteners (most likely) or any signs of seam separation (most likely)?

Are there leaks around penetrations?

Is the building hotter than it should be?

If there are fiberglass skylights, are they dirty and hazy?

If the answers are “YES” to any or all of these questions, then you could have a Leaky Metal Roof, and the metal roof over your head or over your facility needs to be inspected and coated by Stephens Painting, Inc.’s team of certified and trained roof coating technicians using state of the art, fluid applied Metal Roof Coatings and processes.

The process of Metal Roof Leak Repair and the conversion of a bare-metal roof to a highly efficient and sustainable roof system, involves detailed cleaning, rust treatment, sealing of all fasteners, seam, and penetrations, then coated with a fluid applied system which will completely water-proof the roof.

To perform a Metal Roof Leak Prevention service by utilizing a roof conversion, can cost less than half the price of replacing a roof, without disposal or downtime expenses.  Converting an existing metal substrate can be viewed as a maintenance expense or as a capital expenditure.  There are often additional “Green” building incentives for cool roofing solutions & applications.

In addition, Stephens Painting, Inc. can enhance the usefulness and extend the life of fiberglass skylights.  This process can be included in the roof application process and will drastically improve the light transfer through the skylights, which improves the lighting within the facility.

Leaky and rusting metal roof substrates are converted to seamless, sustainable cool roofs. We would enjoy assisting you with your project.  Please contact Stephens Painting, Inc. to schedule a free on-site roof survey to begin the process of this simple, yet high-impactful building improvement option.

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